Save on every surface

Achieve that like-new look for less—regardless of rust, chips, cracks or stains


Why Go the Reglazing Route?

It saves you money

It’s important to preserve & update your big-ticket features. Our reglazing capabilities avoid costly replacement while maintaining quality, durability or style.

It saves you time

Removing and replacing household fixtures is labor- and time-intensive – think weeks. With Advanced, you keep plumbing in place and avoid disturbing residents.

It saves you stress

Don’t worry about toxic fumes or dirty, dusty demolition. Unlike many competitors, our experts specialize in eco-friendly methods, so the planet is safe and people are never displaced.

To reglaze or replace? The verdict is clear.

Whether you’re transforming a bathroom’s outdated color scheme or looking to refurbish a tattered tub, we can restore any surface to pristine condition.


Total Replacement

Liner Addition



$2,000 - $3,000

$1,000 for tub, $3,000
for tub and wall

$375 for tub*
$750 for tub + 3 walls

Time w/o tub

7 - 10 days

1 day

8 hours


15 plus years

5 - 10 years

10-15 years

Color availalability

Limited to production
- 3 to 5 colors

Very limited - often
only 2 or 3 colors

Any color
is avaible

Look and feel

Porcelain, plastic
or fiberglass

Thin shell gives a
cheap plastic look

Retains look and feel
of original fixture

Disrubtion to
home and life

Major: dust, debris,
drywall, workmen

Moderate: dust
and debris

Minimal: one worker,
done in a few hours

*For large-scale remodeling and renovations, be sure to inquire about our discount volume pricing and resellers’ incentives

Give your fixtures a facelift

Let our specialists match your desired décor, color, style and texture for a fabulous finish