A recipe for beauty & savings

Update your kitchen’s timeworn surfaces for superior style and functionality


In with the new.

From cracked countertops and dull ceramic tile to outdated cabinetry and unsightly sinks, Advanced Reglazing handles all your kitchen concerns with cost efficiency in mind. Utilizing the latest reglazing tools and refinishing technologies, our team gives the entire space a facelift without interrupting the lives of your family, staff or tenants.

Kitchen Sinks

Over time, kitchen sinks chip and stain
from daily wear and tear. No need for
costly replacemens: At minimal expense,
our coating experts refinish your porcelain
in any color and style you desire.

Refacing Cabinetry

Expedite tenant changeover and avoid
unwanted expenses with our interior and
exterior refinishing solutions. In one visit,
we have your wood or Formica looking
new at a fraction of the cost

Wall Tiles

Even professional cleaning is no match for
dirty grout and tile buildup. If your kitchen
backsplash is stained or scratched, we
resurface it completely, achieving a clean,
safe, attractive finish in just a few hours.

Chop, chop.

For a start-to-finish kitchen remodel, complement your resurfaced fixtures with gorgeous refinished countertops