The new face
of Refacing

Our passionate team innovates new, exciting ways to repurpose your home’s surfaces for maximum savings


Value-add services for
even more benefits:

Faster results

Understanding the complex challenges facing apartment & hotel managers, we make sure every job is done same day or as fast as possible

Better prices

Our lifelong missing is to make beautiful surfaces accessible to all, so we work hard to conserve resources and keep our service costs low

Greener mehods

By reducing material waste and opting for eco-friendly sanding, stripping, glazing and curing methods, our company keeps everyone healthy and happy

If there is a way,
we will find it

Advanced Reglazing is the preeminent reglazing and resurfacing provider for New York, New Jersey and the greater metropolitan region. As the homeowner’s best friend, we offer simple, affordable alternatives to typical renovation services by encouraging smart repurposing over unnecessary replacement.

All of our skilled personnel are fully certified and insured. Give us a call to discuss an upcoming project or potential business partnership. We’re always looking for practical, passionate resellers, contractors and homeowners who share our value system.


Having tenant troubles?

If you need to comply with Section 8 requirements, our quick-thinking team works with tenants to get in and get the job done with little to no disturbance


Hotel need a facelift?

Hospitality owners looking to renovate bathrooms or common areas enjoy fast, quiet refinishing services so the guest experience is never interrupted


Want to remove an old liner?

Salvage your existing tub and enjoy a safer, cleaner bath with full liner removal and reglazing services